Cup titles

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    • Hello again!
      I'm back with another weird question!

      At the moment I'm changing my game to make all counties the same strength, prestige and so on. (I have set national and international prestige to 0, for all clubs in the editor)
      Also I have tried to delete all the teams titles in the editor, like League, Cup, Champions League and so on.
      But for many of the leagues the titles still show up on the club pages ingame. ( Which is no problem, as the game do not recognize them anywhere else )
      It seem like the game can't recognize any league winners. But all the National Cup titles show up in the game.
      (You know the screen at the end of every season, with the most successful teams in Europe), There it doesn't show League titles, Champions league titles and Europa league titles (which is good, since that is what I want)
      But as I said, National Cup titles still show up. Even though they are deleted in the editor.

      Do I maybe have to delete them in another file aswell?
      Because I noticed that were the case for Champions League and Europa league.
      I hope you understand what I mean.
      I feel like I should have studied German in School so I easier could be on this forum :D

      Also, if anyone know of any other files or attributes that could be good for changing all countries and player strength to be equal, please tell me :)

      Thanks in advance :) :) :)
      / Joel N