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    • Gain Citizenship

      Hello is possible make that the CPU gain another citizenship and play for his new National Team? I know only the player(we) in the national teams can do that, for example player like Ansu born in Guinea-Bissau play in Spain National Team or Bereton born in England play in Chile National Team...In the game(Fifa Manager 13-14) that never will happen only you will play in your born country.

      I you don't understand maybe was for my poor english. :(
      so I let Spanish version and you translate with the g


      Hola, es posible que la CPU obtenga otra nacionalidad y jugar para su nueva selección?
      I sé que es posible y que el jugador(nosotros) puede hacer eso cuando dirigimos una seleccion nacional. por ejemplo jugadores como Ansu nacido en Bissau ahora juega para España o Bereton nacido en Inglaterra juega en Chile, y esto nunca pasaria si fuera Fifa Manager esos jugadores nunca tendrian la oportunidad de jugar para ninguna seleccion nacional que no sea la de su nacimiento. :pirat:
    • During the game, the player will only be able to play with the selection of his first nationality (that of birth).
      With the editor you can change the nationality, using the first as the one you want him to play with and the second as the one of his birth (eg Ansu Fati has Spain as his first nationality, and Guinea-Bissau as his second and therefore he would play for Spain)