Pinned We Are Football Season 21/22 Patch - Alpha v0.3

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    • We Are Football Season 21/22 Patch - Alpha v0.3

      The biggest update of our WaF file so far is now ready! Among other things, you can expect even more realistic league systems, new exciting leagues for men's and women's football, revised logos for media and sponsors in a new modern design. The derbies will also provide more highlights, and many new events will be added to the game to give WaF even more life. Get the latest version now and take off again in We Are Football. Do you start directly with a Champions League candidate, work your way up to the top flight with your regional premier league team or go on a Journeyman trip through all continents?

      Please note: This is an alpha version. An alpha version denotes an early stage in the development of the patch. It is a semi-public version that is used for initial tests and feedback. So nothing is perfect yet - but we are constantly working on. But nothing works without feedback and help!

      Installation Guide:
      1. Download the patch from one of the download servers
      2. Unzip the .zip file (right click -> Extract all ...)
      3. Run the installer and install the patch in the specified folder!

      It is not necessary to start the editor. Open the game, select "your database" and get started!
      The database CANNOT be revised in the editor, as it is only an alpha version of our patches.
      If you integrate another database into the game, you will overwrite the database of the megapatch and have to reinstall it!


      ======== Content =========
      - Sponsor graphics completely redesigned
      - Events added

      - female players in Germany
      - Original clubs + crests worldwide
      - Many new leagues
      - Added women's Regionalliga in Germany
      - UEFA Women's Champions League in new mode
      - All! Competitions have been reworked. Many championship + relegation rounds integrated. + Many Play-Off Modes added (Italy 3rd League e.g.)
      - Major League Soccer with Eastern and Western Conference
      - Added Regionalliga in Austria
      - Derbies added
      - Bugs in Spain and Italy fixed
      - New playable leagues in Slovakia
      - Several database bugs fixed
      - Several squad updates
      Info General:
      UEFA Women's Champions League
      UEFA Champions League + UEFA Europe League + UEFA Conference League + UEFA Supercup
      Copa Libertadores + Copa Sudamericana + Recopa Sudamericana
      CONCACAF Champions League + CONCACAF League
      AFC Champions League + AFC Cup
      CAF Champions League + CAF Confederation Cup + CAF Super Cup
      OFC Champions League
      3.841 clubs (Men + Women)
      2.438 sponsors (1.781) + suppliers (21) + media companies (577) / Including logos and advertising boards + 79 owners
      17.058 employees (including 2.962 coaches, 1.290 managers, 12.806 other employees)
      104.573 players + 16.995 female players
      12.157 youth players (Men only)
      13 referees (Germany only)
      Men: Playable in 86 countries and 144 leagues on all continents; additionally 96 non-playable, but simulated leagues for intern. Competitions
      Women's: Playable in 34 countries and 49 leagues in Europe, Asia, North and South America; additionally 31 non-playable, but simulated leagues for intern. Competitions
      326 Competition logos
      2.325 city pictures
      1.097 fan pictures
      965 headquarters
      456 mascots
      46.551 player pictures
      19.324 Big player pictures
      4.812 jerseys
      3.299 stadium pictures

      3.251 staff pictures

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