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    • Newsletter October 2021

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      Dear Community,

      The first part of EA FIFA Manager was published 20 years ago. A lot has happened since then, and in 2013 the FM 14 was the last official part of the game series. But as we all know very well, we haven't dropped the game series, but have continued to develop the game and continued and improved it together with the community. That's why we're ready to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary this year. That is why the football manager 22 is also given the simple slogan "the 20th version". A big thank you goes out to you too, without your support it would not have been possible to keep the FM alive for so long. Your support will also be necessary in the future, we are still not tired and have many ideas to improve the gaming experience every year!

      The last newsletter was almost three months ago, but of course we were not inactive during this time. We have continued to work meticulously on the Football Manager 22, but also on the WaF Patch 21/22 and would like to inform you in our newsletter about everything that has happened and will continue to do so in the future!

      Database work for the new season (FM and WaF)

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      Preparations for the upcoming conversion of the season 21/22 have been running in the background for several months. A big thank you also goes to the user @spankz, who defined a large part of the league definitions for the new season. At the moment there are still a few open countries.
      Another topic which is very important, but for which we as a team unfortunately cannot find time due to the complex preparations for the new season and are therefore dependent on the community, is the revision of the club data in Europe. We urgently need support here. Please report in the thread or @Klotzi
      Another point that has to be done by the community before the release is the Japanese league and the German 5th leagues, as we cannot convert any data for the current season. Here, too, we look forward to your support. We will probably begin these topics in mid-November.
      When we finally start the conversion for the new season depends on the one hand on the publication of the Sega FM and on the other hand on the finalization of the club data preparation.

      Which new features does the FM22 offer?
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      We asked you what new features in FM would be interesting for you. We have already dealt with one or the other topic and taken the first steps so that one or the other new feature is sure to come in the FM23. But what is relatively certain to make it into the FM22 is dark mode.
      A lot has already been done here, as you can see in this screenshot:

      What is happening with graphics in the FM22?

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      We used the summer break to add hundreds of new club legends to the Hall of Fame. These will fill the FM22 with even more life. Do you also have wishes and want to bring the legends of your favorite clubs into the game? Then provide us with the data and the transfer market profile here: [Wishes] Hall of Fame

      This year, in addition to the other tasks, the FMZ player pictures are also in greater focus. The creation has been optimized and a large number of images are produced. To this end, we have already updated or created tens of thousands of player pictures (both 160 and 512) for the 2021 and 2021/22 seasons. The focus here is mainly on creating entire leagues for which you can find good templates. Canada, Sweden, Finland, Wales, Vietnam, USA, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and the Dutch 1st and 2nd league have already been completed. Of course, Germany is of particular importance to us - here, too, the work on the first leagues has already been finalized. In addition to the top three leagues, images of the regional and top division clubs are also created, if templates are available. Basically, it is planned that many more countries will be provided with pictures before the release of the FM22, so that we not only increase the quality, but also massively increase the number of pictures.
      In addition to the gamer picture authors in the team, we also work here with the community - be it in the form of freelance authors who create teams for us, or users who save templates for us and name them correctly. So everyone can support us in this work, even without any basic knowledge of graphics programs.

      In the course of the introduction of the new dark mode, we have also set to revise the websites in the FM, as you can see in the following example:
      Griechenland Website.jpg

      What´s happening with 3D in the FM22?

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      We continue the work of the previous year.
      On the one hand, we are again in the process of integrating new 3D faces into the game:

      On the other hand, there will be new 3D stadiums again. In addition to the Ukraine and stadiums from lower-class Austrian leagues, at least the promoted leagues that have already been completed in FM21 will be added. It is not yet possible to say whether further stages will be added, as @murtazasoares has less time and no one has yet been found who can support him with the creation of stadiums.

      There are also other changes to 3D pop-ups. @Dmitry created some new possibilities for the creators of pop-ups, such as special coats of arms for the clubs (e.g. implemented as a black and white version in Spain), abbreviated player names in certain places (e.g. L. Messi instead of Lionel Messi) or team-specific background colors for the team name (e.g. as in the German Bundesliga).

      What's new for We are Football?

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      WaF season 21/22
      Our preparations for the new season are already in full swing to provide you with all the original dates in the 2021/22 season. However, so that we can continue to make good progress and publish our season update in 2021, the cooperation of the community is still required. You can find an overview of all open topics in which we need support here: File creation

      Graphics We Are Football
      The graphics for the WaF have now all found their way into our online editor. The game is now decorated with over 4,000 mini kits, 300 mascots, 800 club centers and 1,000 fan pictures. And we stay on the ball to offer you the best possible gaming experience. Your favorite club doesn't have all the graphics yet? Then help us and report suitable templates to us. You can find out how to report images in our tutorial: Report graphics in the online editor

      Help with FM-Zocker
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      As a community project, we are always dependent on plenty of help from users in order to be able to offer our patches in the same size and quality in the future. Our team is already handling a large part of the upcoming issues, but since we all work on this project free of charge in our free time, we cannot do all the tasks on our own and therefore need your support. The tasks are complex and so we will find a suitable task for everyone, provided you have the time and motivation to help shape the next season. We currently need help here:
      - Creation of the historics for the FM22 -> click here
      - Testing the new parameter files and revised scripts -> contact @Ente35 directly
      as well as for all of the topics mentioned above