Pinned Newsletter - July 2021

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    • Newsletter - July 2021

      Dear Community,

      It's been a long time since our last big newsletter. However, many questions have now arisen from the community that we would like to answer here

      EA Football Manager

      Will there be an FM22?

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      Yes, we are planning a new version of the game this year too. As in the previous year, we are working again with Dmitry to offer a patch together. The first internal work on this began a while ago. For example, we are currently in the process of implementing the Conference League and making further script adjustments.

      How can the community support the preparatory work?

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      There are many topics. The currently most important ones are the support in researching the league compositions and changes to the game modes, the definition of the league compositions , support in naming templates for player pictures as well as the completion of the club data revision in Europe. Support is asked here so that we can again make a patch of comparable quality possible.

      When can a publication be expected?

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      It will be similar to last year. We are now doing the preparatory work with the community before the Sega FM is released. After that, work really starts for us internally. Several weeks after the release of the Sega FM, our EA FM22 will also be released

      We are football

      Why is the patch not editable?

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      The database CANNOT be revised in the editor, as it is only an alpha version of our patches. An alpha version defines an early stage in the development of the patch. It is a semi-public version that is used for initial tests and feedback. So nothing is perfect yet - but we are constantly working on. But nothing works without feedback and help! We usually do not provide such a version. But since we still have little experience with WaF, we are much more dependent on feedback from the community than usual. This can only be done meaningfully if no changes are made to the database

      When will the patch be editable?

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      It is currently impossible to predict whether and when this will be the case, as we still lack experience with the WaF. We constantly stumble upon new problems and these cannot be analyzed with changed databases. In addition, we have also resolved that the data required purely for the WaF should be entered at least in the most important leagues in order to achieve a certain patch quality. We expect that this maximum of 5% of the patch will also be done directly by the community outside of the team. If this is not fulfilled, the possibility of editing will certainly decrease.

      When is more happening in women's football?

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      As a team, we are currently fully occupied with men's football for the next few months. Therefore, it would be the community's turn to take the first step. It's about defining player strengths. If we find a solution here in the community (not the team), we can consider approving player creation. Here is the discussion that is the basis of everything

      How are the plans for a patch 21/22?

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      We plan to create a patch for the new season as well. It will probably appear in a similar time window as the EA FM22. When that will be depends on several factors, as described.

      How can the community support?

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      On the one hand, help is needed for the current patch. And then, of course, work on the new patch starts. These are topics where we need the help of the community. The other 90% of the work is done internally.

      The support options are varied and there is something for everyone. So nobody can talk their way out


      Why was the online editor not available for so long?

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      We have expanded the online editor with many new functions for the WaF. You can find details in our announcements

      You will also bring out a file for On the ball 2022(Anstoss 2022)

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      This cannot be estimated at the moment, as the structures of the game are not known, and on the other hand this naturally means additional work that may not be manageable in terms of team size. We will certainly also observe with WaF how the support from the community develops. In addition, a new game also means new server capacities that devour a lot of money.

      Where can you find more information about us