We Are Football - Megapatch Update - Alpha 0.3

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  • We Are Football - Megapatch Update - Alpha 0.3

    Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp or Hansi Flick. Miroslav Klose, Michael Zorc or Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. They have all celebrated great successes, whether as managers or as players. But that's not the only thing they have in common; like thousands of other coaches/employees, they are now also part of our patch. In addition, we have taken your feedback to heart and have improved the skill and character calculations, as well as adding several new leagues and competitions to the game.

    Please note: This is an alpha version. An alpha version denotes an early stage in the development of the patch. It is a semi-public version that is used for initial tests and feedback. So nothing is perfect yet - but we are constantly working on. But nothing works without feedback and help!

    Installation Guide:
    1. Download the patch from one of the download servers
    2. Unzip the .zip file (right click -> Extract all ...)
    3. Run the installer and install the patch in the specified folder!

    It is not necessary to start the editor. Open the game, select "your database" and get started!
    The database CANNOT be revised in the editor, as it is only an alpha version of our patches.
    If you integrate another database into the game, you will overwrite the database of the megapatch and have to reinstall it!


    Change to alpha 0.2:
    + 316 new clubs
    + 61 owners of clubs (experimental feature)
    + 12.153 employees (including 1.784 coaches, 939 managers and 9430 other employees)
    + 9.306 new real players
    + 566 youth players
    + 16 playable countries and 26 new playable leagues (now including: CONCACAF leagues: Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Canada, Nicaragua, Panama. OFC: New Zealand. UEFA: Armenia 1st + 2nd leagues, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, England 5th league, France 3rd league, Netherlands 2nd league, Portugal 2nd league, Scotland 3rd + 4th league, Italy 3rd league).
    + 187 cityscapes
    + 45 fan pictures
    + 5 club centers
    + 34 mascots
    + 2.876 player pictures, now also with the first women pictures
    + 385 player pictures Big
    + 287 stadium pictures
    + New international competitions: CONCACAF Champions League + CONCACAF League, UEFA Supercup, Recopa SudamericanaComplete Scope:UEFA Supercup, Copa Libertadores + Copa Sudamericana + Recopa Sudamericana, CONCACAF Champions League + CONCACAF League
    + UEFA Europa League qualification fix

    Complete content:
    1,999 clubs (men + women)
    2,021 sponsors (1747) + suppliers (21) + media companies (192) / Including logos and advertising boards
    61 rich owners of clubs
    12,153 employees (including 1,784 coaches, 939 managers and 9430 other employees)
    84,361 players (67,261 real players + 17,100 female players, including 713 real female players)
    10.625 youth players (men)
    Playable in 67 countries and 94 leagues (all 10 in South America, 11 in North America, 1 in Africa, 4 in Asia, 40 in Europe, 1 in Oceania)
    1,316 cityscapes
    499 fan images
    94 headquarters
    203 mascots
    36,519 player pictures
    5,511 big player pictures
    1,852 stadium pictures

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    Your FM-Zocker.de team wishes you a lot of fun while gaming!
    "Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg ist Kameradschaft und der Wille, alles für den anderen zu geben"
    Fritz Walter

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