FM21 - Update 1.1

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    • FM21 - Update 1.1

      We will present Update 1 of the FM21.
      Many database changes and new 2D graphics waits for you
      In addition, many bugs were fixed and minor functionalities were added.

      Version 1.0 must be installed for the 1.1 update

      You have to unzip the zip file and run the installer (the basic principle is the same as for version 1.0, only this time there is only one zip file). Have fun with the download and a great first season from the team!

      Changelog 1.1

      Database & Script
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      Database squad updates for german Oberliga
      Several squad and club data improvements (mainly in germany, austria, romania, belgium, luxemburg, england, italy, france, netherlands,argentina, Japan, United States, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Russia, Croatia. Spain, Uzbeklistan, Cambodia, UAE, Iran, Irak)
      Fix fixtures in Germany, Switzerland and russia
      Improve calendar in germany, scotland, serbia, austria, turkey and luxembourg
      Correct scripts in romania and croatia
      Put correct teams in all leagues in turkey, Costa Rica, Estonia and USA
      More than 400 new staff members in germany, italy and england
      Correct script for CAF Champions League(only 1 final game)
      Correct bonuses for all non-european international club competitions
      Add several city descriptions for german language(especially United States, Costa Rica and Mexico)
      Improve staff attributes (especially germany, england, spain, switzerland, italy, portugal, sweden, denmark, scotland)
      Correct german script for relegation from Oberliga
      Correct reserve script in Costa Rica
      Improve TV Money for most important leagues

      General Bugfixing
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      Fix problem with start year 2019 in career mode
      Fix bug with crash when open club infos from italian teams
      Fix editor crashes in club infos if you use non-german languages
      Crash on closing Resolutool.exe was fixed
      solved the crash in text mode if you play in italian or polish language
      Fix problem with wrong stadium capacity for Hamburg, Frankfurt and Hannover (all germany)
      The issue with wrong years in country statistics (the season of matches with most goals) was also fixed.
      Fix problem with salaries for national teams
      Atheltic Bilbao can only buy basque players again

      Fixed an issue when custom minikits were not displayed for teams without custom 3d kit.
      Correct names for continental cups in North America and Africa.
      The weather for training matches is now displayed correctly on match preview screen
      Correct values for Kosovo in UEFA table

      Other stuff
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      Add generic names for basque and catalan
      New historics title files(Several asian countries)
      New historics league files(spain, italy and several other european countries)
      Add "Stimmen zum Spieltag" (German)
      Add improved town data for russia and austria
      Correct training camp in Kenia(correct coordinates and countryID)
      PNG images now can be selected in "Select manager picture" dialog, images up to 4096x4096 are allowed.
      Set a limit of 5 manager pictures for some of "Select manager picture" dialogs, previously using more than 5 pictures led to the corruption of manager profile information.
      Improved post-match interview screen: custom media interview picture is now displayed instead of generic stadium picture.
      Improved several german texts (including updated texts for textmode - like in FM20)
      Add PNG Support for Hall of Fame

      2D Graphics
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      More than 15000 new/updated player/staff portraits for FMZ style
      15000 new player portraits for FootballManager style
      More than 800 new/updated XXL player portraits in FMZ style and FootballManager style
      Add 520 new badges for simple style
      Add 230 new badges for DVX style
      More than 100 Hall of fame pictures
      More than 1400 new/improved stadium pictures
      More than 350 new/improved XXL stadium pictures
      More than 2000 new/improved city pictures
      More than 1250 new custom pictures
      Correct wrong/add new league badges and flags
      Improve several sponsor pictures(especially adboards) and add new sponsors
      More than 1400 new loading screens in a new style
      Add some new trophy images

      3D Graphics
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      Fix incorrect 3D faces
      Small fix for DFB Cup TV-Popup
      Small fix for Champions League TV-Popup
      Fixed jersey name black color (Manchester City, Real Madrid, Tottenham and other)
      Correct eye colors for players with custom face (starheads).
      Custom stadium intro (cutscene) now can be assigned to custom stadium (this is mainly for stadium creators).
      The issue with kit numbers (when clubs use generic numbers instead of league numbers) will be fixed in 1.1

      3D Stadium
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      Add Zenit St. Petersburg Stadium
      Fix for R.C. Celta de Vigo stadium
      Fix for As Monaco stadium
      Fix for Arminia Bielefeld stadium
      Fix for OGC Nice stadium
      Fix for Sevilla stadium
      Stadiums for Eredivise
      -new stadium for training matches added (replaces the old one with incorrect adboards). This stadium includes day, night and rain versions.
      -old format fifa stadiums now won't appear in cup final matches