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  • FM21 - Installation description

    How to download and install FIFA Manager 2021

    Pre Requirement:
    FM13 or FM14 is installed on the PC.
    Origin must remain closed. (To be on the safe side: Check the taskbar to see if it is still active in the background. If so, quit. It is advisable to deactivate the autostart for Origin. You can google how to do this.)
    It is necessary to deactivate the antivirus program during the installation and then directly add the FM folder (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games \ FIFA Manager 13) as an exception, as this is falsely recognized as a virus by some programs. How exactly this is done differs from program to program.

    Procedure for installing the FM21:
    If FM13 or FM14 is already installed, we recommend that you first completely uninstall it.
    After the uninstallation, all folders that have something to do with the FM should also be deleted.
    Check if the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games \ FIFA Manager 13 has been deleted. Also the folder C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ Documents \ FM
    Restart the PC to be on the safe side so that the game is uninstalled properly.
    Reinstall the FM through Origin. Make sure that your antivirus program is deactivated or that the exceptions for the FM are set. After the installation, Origin must be closed.

    Download following files:
    1 — Main package
    2 — 2D-Graphics
    3 * — 3D-Graphics
    4 * — 3D-Stadiums
    5 — Update 1
    6 - Update 2

    * Downloading of components 3 and 4 is optional. These files are used for 3D-matches.

    All these files are zip files. They can be unzipped with 7-Zip or WinRAR. When all files are downloaded, unzip them to the same folder (in the order they were listed before; accept file replacement). You will get «FIFA Manager 2021» folder in the end.


    Check the content of FIFA Manager 2021 folder:

    The content of «FIFA Manager 2021» folder

    Check the content of installer_files folder **:
    The content of «installer_files» folder should look like this. Red ones are optional files from 3D Folders, green ones are from Update 1.

    To start the installation, launch «fm2021-installer.exe».

    Read the terms of use:

    Select FIFA Manager folder (the folder where executable file (Manager*.exe) is placed):

    Setup install configuration. You can choose which portraits and badges style you prefer. After setup is done, start the installation.

    Wait for the installation to complete:

    Then download the hotfix for Update 2 and unzip this zip file

    Now you take this content and copy it into the main directory of the FM and overwrite the files there


    After installation, you can start the game from a shortcut on the desktop.


    After downloading the zip files, it is recommended not to delete the contents of the download - then with subsequent updates to the patch, you will need to download only the updated components, and not the entire patch again.
    The patch takes up a lot of space (both installation files and already installed ones) - so be careful and prepare enough disk space.

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