New language names/surnames

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    • New language names/surnames


      I would like to share some additional language names and surnames, in case someone is interested in testing them out with the translation plugin. For now I have created the following ones:

      - Malagasy
      - Moldovan
      - Basque
      - Catalan

      I am planning to add more, in order to make game generated names more realistic (e.g., more African languages).
      • Names.txt

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      • Surnames.txt

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    • Yeah, I know. But the good thing is that, for example, if you manually set languages in the country files (e.g., for Madagascar you put language 67 with the numbering in the example I provided), it will work, in the sense that new players will be generated from that name pool, both in the editor and in the game. I tested this for FM08 and it works: attached is a screenshot showing an automatically generated player for Madagascar (FM08 - Italian): I did not edit that name, it was just drawn from my name pool. I know it's inconvenient that you cannot choose the language in the editor menu, but at least you can obtain the desired effect in the game.
      • madagascar.png

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