Pinned FM21 - Newsletter September 2020

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    • FM21 - Newsletter September 2020

      FM21 - The Fusion

      It's been a long time since our last detailed newsletter. A lot has happened since then and a lot has been done in the background to merge the two patches. Some things were easier than expected, but there were and are still various hurdles. This has already been partially eliminated, but others will still occupy us for the next weeks and months.

      We want to give you a rough overview of the current main topics and of course we hope for your cooperation. As a team, we can only take over the control and organization, the exact scope will be depeneding by YOUR support


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      The basis is a conversion from Sega. This means the conversion for the FM21 can take place after the Sega FM21 has been released (end of November). In order to shorten the time after the conversion until a release (we want to release a version 1.0 before Christmas) we have created the area of club data revision because the data in Sega is very incorrect / incomplete in this area. Unfortunately, cooperation here is rather slow and of course leads to further delays, which could result in the release date not being able to be met.

      After this conversion, the fine-tuning will go on. That means that you add this to the clubs that cannot be converted. These are, for example, certain employees, youth players or the squads in the German low leagues. Of course, the focus here will be on the top leagues at the beginning. When this is done we can release a beta version. Then the bugs of the beta version are corrected and further changes are made in the DB before the working version 1.0 is published. Maybe there will be a non-public alpha version in advance for everyone who has worked on the FM21 in any way.

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      From the FM21 there is the possibility to add country-specific sponsors. This has the advantage that on the one hand there are a lot more sponsors, on the other hand that they also more realistic. Because of the changes made by Dmitry, the sponsors are also much better involved and appear on the kits, for example. The creation is a pretty simple thing as you can see in this tutorial. We have already collected a lot of sponsors here. There are already specific sponsors for 33 countries
      (Europe 26, Asia 4, North America 2, South America 1).
      It would be nice if we could find more graphics here, especially outside of Europe. You can provide them to us here. The logos of tisi collected here can be of help, which you only have to assign to countries and name them accordingly.

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      A big topic in the Season Patch is the 3D mode. A lot of work has been put into stadiums for the FM21. There are now over 1000 specially created stadiums. These were often converted from Fifa or other games. A lot of time is now being spent on improving them. Dmitry has made it possible to use various functions to be implemented in the converted stadiums, which were previously only possible with completely newly created stadiums. These are, for example, different weather effects (e.g. shadow is shown when the sun is shining)

      FIFA Switch (18-19-20-21) stadiums will also be included. This means more than 100 new high quality stadiums will be added.

      There are also new formats for the banners.

      Below one example how the converted stadiums could be improved

      The annoying bug that self-created banners lead to crashes in converted Fifa stadiums has also been fixed.

      You can see more works here


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      Another topic we are dealing are tickets. The focus here was initially on removing unimportant information from the tickets and adapting the arrangement. Here is an current state from the work from Jojo-The-PG.


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      There are still various general database topics where we would like your feedback. You now have the chance to have an impact, according to the motto rather complain now than when the database is released.

      -> Take a look


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      We are already working on further options for other graphics. The next topics on our schedule are country-specific websites and media images. A lot of pre work is still necessary here, but you can also expect a kick-off this year [/ spoiler]

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      Another big topic that we are currently pursuing internally is the complete replacement of our badges to avoid different styles when we merging the two previous patches. Planlos and Der D have created over 6500 new logos in the past few weeks [/ spoiler]