[Discussion] Handling Script United States

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  • [Discussion] Handling Script United States

    It's about the handling of the script for the United States
    In the FMZ Patch we had two equal leagues, which is very buggy with bonus money and season target.
    Since Dmitry didn't find any solutions here either, he had a 24-team league in the season patch, which he divided into two 12-team leagues after the first round. The final round then takes place afterwards.
    We would have basically taken this over for the FM21, but now there is the problem that the MLS will be increased to 26 teams. More than 24 teams are not possible in a league in FM, which is why we have considered functional alternative solutions. Now we do have 4 different options

    Option 1: 2 of the MLS teams are added in the USL and then an promotion and relegation between MLS and USL is implemented. MLS with the same system as before for the Season Patch

    Option 2: Same system as before for the Season Patch. 2 MLS teams will be completely excluded

    Option 3: 24 league as before in the Season Patch. Including the remaining 2 teams and reserve teams of the MLS teams (who are not already playing in the USL) in a called "MLS Reserve League". In the end, the 2 weakest teams of the MLS relegate and the other two teams promote to the MLS. So we always have the same pool for the MLS (24 out of 26 teams)

    Option 4: Split the MLS into 2 league levels. Split for example in one 14 league and 12 league and include promotion and relegation between this both. The best teams from the first division will play the play-offs later.

    We understand that every possibility has advantages and disadvantages. But they are the only possible options.
    Since we have very different opinions on this topic internally, we hope that there may be a clear opinion on this topic in the community.

    Your votes you can give then in this topic