FM21 - Newsletter May 2020

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    • FM21 - Newsletter May 2020

      As already announced, we have planned to merge the two largest FM projects for the FM21.
      In the past weeks, the intensive discussions were deepened and an understanding of the other project was gained in order to find out how the two projects can best be combined.

      This bureaucracy is now beginning to bear fruit - a rough schedule has been created!
      The creation of files will change fundamentally with the merger:
      Much of the player data will be converted and imported from various sources in the future, which means that we will have a significantly larger number of original players with significantly less editing effort.
      We want to use this time to get the club data initially clean and also to remove clubs that no longer exist from the database.
      The work on this will soon start here - support is welcome!
      For the playable leagues, we will largely follow the list of the season patch. Here is a comparison of the 2020 variant of the season patch -> playable leagues

      There is also a change for the cover star: in the future there will be two cover stars! Formerly a unique selling point of Klaus Allofs and Thomas Schaaf, today you can decide it. Finding the first one has already started -> Coverstar

      There are further possibilities for graphics. Here we are still in discussions on which parts we can support as an FMZ community and which areas are handled by the existing TheSeason community.
      We have already opened the first threads on the subject of stadium tunnels and custom pictures. Other options such as sponsors, tickets or newspapers are currently being evaluated.

      Another major topic in recent weeks has also been to adapt the online editor to the changed functions of the season patch. Here we have integrated the most common functions such as new player appearance (new face shapes, more haircuts, ..), new formations or the changed file format.
      In addition, we were able to integrate a new highlight with the 3D representation of the jerseys.


      This year we plan to tackle topics in the database that have not been touched since the release of the last FM in 2014. We will gradually put various topics up for discussion here. We hope for eager discussions with you!