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  • Good morning, Maye someone here can support the Spanish players In the Spanish language installation, the halftime and after match player ratings/scores goes from 0 -> 3. In the German installation it goes from 0-> 5 with dezimals. In the English installation it goes from 0-> 10 witout dezinamls. Does anyone here knows which paramters/folder we should change or edit? Thanks in advance.

  • Parameter 1.2

    Ruanba - - FM20


    Sorry but Im writting in English, my German is awfull. I´m also playing with the and this case the parameter files from FMDATA folder are .TXT type. In this Exe file Im obtaining files .ENC for the parameter files. My easy question is -> are suitable these files for the MOD that Im playing? Thanks in advance and thanks for this great patch.